Aerated Carpark Pavers – 80mm and 100mm

Aerated Slab/Carpark Paving 

The reasons for using concrete pavers for aerated slabs or carparking is fairly similar to that of driveway pavers. 

1. Quick Installation
There is no downtime after the installation is complete. There is immediate access to the driveway.

2. Easy Access to Underground Utility Services
Interlocking pavers are removed and relaid easily without damage and visual impact to the installation.

3. Durability and Minimal Maintenance
The high strength of the concrete pavers allow for heavier loads and longer life than that of standard concrete or asphalt.

4. Aesthetics
Custom designs can be created for each project due to the range of profiles and colours available.

To add on, the carpark lot markers can be indicated through the use of colours to differentiate the lots and the types of lots. For example, Reserved lots can be outlined in Red and General lots can be outlined in White. 

BA Contracts - Carpark Aerated Slab Layout

Further, the logo for handicapped lots can be created through the use of interlocking pavers. 

BA Contracts - Carpark and Handicapped Lot Outline


There will be changes in colour to these lot markings due to exposure in to the external areas. However, the colours are integrated into the pavers and will not be subject to chipping or flakings. 

Most installations in Singapore will be based on 100mm thickness and the above layouts. However, for older installations or carparks with limited loading requirements, the 80mm thick product is also acceptable for use. 

For covered lots, we are also able to provide the complementary materials so that the design remains cohesive throughout the project. 

Covered Lots Interlocking Pavers

100mm Thick Product Profiles 

Carpark Aertation Slab Brochure

  1. Super Unigrasspave 453x453mm
  2. Super Unipave 225x111mm 
  3. Super Unipave Starter 225×111

Typical colours: Red, Grey, Black 

Special Colours: Yellow, White, Blue (for handicapped lots only)

80mm Thick Product Profiles

Interlocking Pavers Catalogues

  1. Unigrasspave 336x223mm 
  2. Unipave 223x111mm 

Typical Colours: Grey, Red, Black 

Special Colours: Yellow and White.