Driveway Pavers – 80mm and 100mm

The Choice of Interlocking Pavers for the Driveway

The choice of concrete interlocking pavers for the driveway compared to alternatives such as concrete slab, asphalt or crushed gravel is clear for the following reasons.

1. Quick Installation
There is no downtime after the installation is complete. There is immediate access to the driveway.

2. Easy Access to Underground Utility Services
Interlocking pavers are removed and relaid easily without damage and visual impact to the installation.

3. Durability and Minimal Maintenance
The high strength of the concrete pavers allow for heavier loads and longer life than that of standard concrete or asphalt.

4. Aesthetics
Custom designs can be created for each project due to the range of profiles and colours available.

Standard Profiles 

These profiles comes in both 80mm and 100mm thickness and are suitable for the driveway and fire engine access.

Unipave 80mm for Driveway
Unipave 80mm in Black.

Unipave 223 x 111mm

Unipave/Sunpave (80mm and 100mm available) is the most common shape used for interlocking pavers due to its superior interlocking properties, resulting in a more stable installation.

Although commonly used, the use of colours result in highly differentiated installations. The typical installation patterns are herringbone and basketweave.

Flexipave Quadpave for Driveway
Quadpave 80mm in Black

Quadpave 198x98mm

Quadpave/Flexipave  (80mm and 100mm available) provides a clean look to mimic the use of tiles or cobblestones. It can also be used as as border to provide visual interest to an installation.

The smaller format can also be used as a border for gratings and lamp posts to minimise gaps at the termination point.

Trafika Hexagon
Trafika 80mm in Black

Trafika 225x197mm 

Trafika (80mm and 100mm available) hexagon shape is proving to be more popular in recent years. The unique shape allow for the use of colours to signal directionality to the users. The larger shape results in a difficulty near the termination so the use of Quadpave is recommended to provide a cleaner installation at the borders, gratings and lamp posts.

Design Profiles 

This range provides greater design flexibility for architects and landscape designers to meet the necessary design intent. It is only available in 80mm thickness.

Square Pavers for Driveway
Prime Paver 200x200x80mm in Grey

Prime Paver 200×200 

Prime Paver (80mm only) square shape caters to upmarket developments that require the clean look of tiles with the usability, durability and price competitiveness of interlocking pavers.

It mimics the look of granite tiles while providing design options through the use of colour to signal directionality.

The recommended pattern for installation is horizontal ashlar as the grid format does not allow for tolerance in the manufacturing process.

Geopave for Driveway
Geopave in Black

Geopave 200×200

Geopave 200×200 (80mm only)
provides the same design intent while increasing the interlocking properties through its sawn corners and nibs.

The installations have a slight offset due to the chamfered edges, creating a unique profile for your design intent. 

M1 Series BA Contracts Interlocking Pavers

M1 Series 80mm 

The M1 Series consists of a pack of 4 sizes. 

  • 201x201mm 
  • 201x268mm 
  • 201x335mm 
  • 268x335mm 

The “M” Series refers to multiple sizes within one pack. As such, orders will be delivered in a full set of 4. 

Flexipave Plus 150x300

Flexipave Plus 300×150 

The Flexipave Plus is a larger format of the standard 200×100 rectangle shape to create more options for design flexibility. 

It can be easily combined with the M1 Series, Quadpave, Prime Pave to create a multitude of design options to match the design intent. 

Prime Grasspave 200×200

This particular profile comes in 80mm thickness and enables us to incorporate greenery into the typical hardscape installation.

It can be combined with any other profile in 80mm for a stable installation. 

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