FlexiPlus v Quadpave

We are showcasing the difference between the two profiles of flexiplus and quadpave



Quadpave/Flexipave – 198x98mm 

Flexipave Plus/ Flexiplus – 300x150mm 


The Flexiplus comes in 80mm only. This is suitable for most applications but most commonly used for the driveway. 

The Quadpave comes in 60mm, 80mm and 100mm thickness. This allows for flexibility especially when it is used as a border. As a border, the thickness will have to match that of the main profile. 


As a larger block, the flexipave plus will have a higher percentage wasteage, especially if used along a long and thin pathway. As such it is more suited for plaza installations or to mixed with the Prime Paver to create a textured look. 

Flexipave and Quadpave Mix Installation