Footpath and Driveway at Secondary School

Hexagon Paver Driveway

School’s out! As we head towards the end of the year, we’ve been working hard to finish our ongoing school projects in time for the young ‘nes to get back to school in 2019. 

Here, we are highlighting a school project, with extensive use of interlocking concrete pavers across the footpath and driveways. The profiles used are also not the typical ones. The consultants chose the hexagon profile for the driveway and the large format rectangles for the footpaths. 

Large Format Rectangle Paver at School

These profiles are larger, resulting a more expansive feel. However, the larger format creates more wasteage, especially around the bends. 

Aerial Shot of Footpath at School

The footpaths were mostly straight, making the choice of large format pavers an easy one. 

The driveway was a mix of red, black and grey hexagon pavers in 80mm thickness. This particular profile has been gaining popularity in recent years. The showpiece project for this project is the Kallang Sports Hub. It comes only in 80mm thickness and 100mm thickness. As such, it is suitable for Fire Engine Accessways as well. However, the large format makes it harder to terminate at the edges. Similar to the large format rectangular pavers, the cutting will have to be fairly exact and completed by an experienced team of installers. 

Hexagon Paver Driveway

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