M Series Interlocking Pavers

The M Series Interlocking Paver is the latest profile following the success of Prime Pavers to introduce different profiles to the market.

M Series refers to it consisting of a bundle of Multiple Sizes of Interlocking Pavers in one package. 

There are two types of pavers within this range. 


M1 - M Series 80mm

Dimensions: 201x201mm/ 201x268mm/ 201x 335mm/ 268x335mm

Thickness: 80mm 

Coverage: 4 sets of each paver/ m2 

Suitable for driveway, heavy vehicle access and drop off areas. 



M2 - M Series 60mm

Dimension: 120x160mm/ 160x160mm/ 160x240mm 

Thickness: 60mm 

Coverage: 12 sets of each paver/ m2 

Suitable for footpaths and pedestrian access.

(Bicycle path, footpath, jogging & buggy track, landscape areas, patios, pedestrian malls, pool decks, residential walkways, boulevards) 



For more information, please refer to the brochure below. 

M Series Interlocking Pavers

Project References

Antique shotblasted m series

Antique colour Installation


Antique colour shotblasted m series

Antique colour + Shotblasted finish 


M Series Installation Grey

Grey colour M Series Interlocking Pavers Installation