Permeable Pavers for Footpath and Driveway

Concrete permeable paving acts as the drainage system as well as supporting traffic loads. It allows water to pass through the surface and into the underlying sub base. Here, it is stored and released slowly, either into the ground to the next SuDS management stage, to a drainage system or alternatively harvested.

Consequently, it reduces the amount and rate of runoff and remove many of the pollutants in the runoff. It also benefits biodiversity by providing unpolluted water for wildlife, plants and trees, while eliminating the hazards that open gulleys presents to wildlife.

In conclusion, it reduces runoff, provides onsite treatment to minimise water course pollution and enables harvesting of water for irrigation/toilet flushing/general recycling.

Permeable Pavers (for footpaths, landscaped areas and low volume residential applications)

neupave permeable paverNeupave Interlocking Concrete Pavers is typically used for the footpaths

Available in 60mm and 80mm thickness, these pavers are available in all the profiles for the normal interlocking pavers. 


Permeable Paving Systems (for driveway and heavy duty applications)

Marshalls Priora Paving
– Keyblok Priora
– Tegula Priora

Agggregate Infilta Paving
– Europa Infilta
– Woburn Rumbled Infilta