Permeable Paving Footpath at Tertiary Institute

In this post, we are highlighting our recent permeable paving installation for a footpath at a tertiary institute.  

Product Information

Model: Neupave – Prime Pave Permeable Paving 

Dimensions: 200×20

Thickness: 60mm 

Colours: Black and Grey 

Installation Patterns: 2 modules alternating. Module 1: 60% Black, 40% Grey. Module 2: 40% Black, 60% Grey. 

The loading capacity of the permeable pavers are less than that of the normal pavers. So typically for footpaths, we will recommend using 80mm in case of use of buggies or other types of small vehicles. However, for this area, it is 100% pedestrian so we went with the 60mm pavers. 

Site Condition

For this project, the site condition was quite challenging due to limited access to site. It was on a elevated area with no access for machinery. So we had to manually transport the pallets up the hill and through the buildings to get to the area. 

The sub-base also consisted of a lot of yellow clay so it was difficult to get the necessary drainage and flow rates to prevent ponding even with a permeable paver where the water goes direct into the sub-base but may not drain from there. For future projects, this can be managed with a geotextile to prevent the clay from the green spaces from flowing into the sub-base as well as a pvc capping kerb as a restraint. The restraint is less so for loading requirements but more to prevent the soil from going into the paver. 

Finished Product 

We’ve revisited the site multiple times especially after heavy rainfall and there is absolutely no ponding. Even for an area that is directly under a AC compressor and has constant dripping, there is no mould and no water on the surface of the paver. 

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