Rectangle or Brick Pavers Installation at Bungalows

We don’t often get to do installations at private homes so this was a fun project for a change of scenery! We completed an installation of flexipave/quadpave at a few bungalows for their driveway. 

Original Bungalows Driveway

Originally, the bungalows driveways consisted of clay pavers. Clay pavers are generally being phased out as they tend to absorb water, resulting in large variations in size. The pavers then start to pop out from the installation.

Clay pavers bungalow driveway

New Bungalows Driveway

As such, we’ve replaced them with concrete red rectangular pavers to provide for stability in installation, while retaining the more rustic look. In addition, a border was added to create more visual interest and to minimise cutting at the edges. 

The following photos are just snippets of the overall installation as various units were completed at different stages. 

Rectangle Paver Singapore

Quadpave Bungalow Driveway

The advantages of using concrete interlocking pavers is that it has a sand base and can be easily repaired without major damage to the surrounding areas. 

Products Used

Quadpave Flexipave 80mm 

Colour: Red

Herringbone installation with border.