Carpark Installation at Seletar

Seletar Carpark Lot 1

Today, we’re highlighting an atypical aerated slab/carpark pavers installation. It is a little unique in the choice of colours, which looked a little stark on paper but I’d admit it looks good upon installation. 

The typical carpark lot installation looks a little like this. Our conversations will then revolve around what colour the lines will be and whether it should be a full line or a simple T as per the drawing below. 

BA Contracts - Carpark Aerated Slab Layout

However, for this installation, the entire border was black instead of the typical grey, creating a contrast between the aerated slabs and the dividing lines. This proved to be interesting as we were able to use grey to get the effect of the full line without the cost of using white pigment! 

Carpark Lot Outline

Also, the site is on a fairly open area, so there was ample light for the grass to grow, creating a green space that softened the colour contrast. This is unlikely to happen for sites that sit between tall buildings. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this installation as it was a large area on which we had sufficient space to store materials and machinery. It had its challenges as there was a portion of the site which was elevated, making it difficult to access. Overall, it was a great project and interesting reference to think about carpark installations. We had a great time and had lots of prata from the famous restaurant nearby!