Footpath and Landscape Pavers – 60mm

The 60mm thickness is typically used for pedestrian footpath, jogging tracks, buggy paths and bicycle paths. After a secondary curing process, it can also be used for driveways and carpark lots if required (Z-series).  

All the profiles available in 80mm or 100mm can be applied for landscape purposes. However, it will be over-specified for the intended use. This situation is sometimes applicable in multi-use plazas where it is primarily for foot traffic but may be required to hold food trucks and other vehicles for events and pop-ups. 

For smaller width areas such as footpaths or buggy paths, the smaller interlocking concrete paver formats are more suitable to accommodate the turns in the road. Examples of this include Unipave, Quadpave and Uni-espave. 

For the wide plazas and dropoff areas, the larger format provides a certain elegance that cannot be replicated. The profiles for consideration are Prime Pavers and I Series. 

Standard Profiles 

Unipave 80mm

Unipave 223x111mm 

The Unipave is our most common interlocking concrete pavers profile. Although it may seem common, there are many applicable design options using different colours to suggest directionality and activity.

Flexipave Quadpave

Quadpave/Flexipave 198x98mm 

In 60mm, this rectangle block is used most often to mimic clay bricks, especially for park projects.

For these applications, we recommend the use of non-standard colours e.g. antique, peach and dark tan.

Uni-espave - BAC

Uni-espave 220x190mm 

This distinctive lantern shape interlocks in a diagonal pattern. As such, it is most suited for creating diagonal or horizontal designs.

Design Profiles 

M2 - M Series 60mm

M Series II 

The M Series refer to multiple sizes in each pack. For the 60mm thickness, the pack consists of the following sizes: 

  • 120x160mm
  • 160x160mm
  • 160x240mm

The blend of sizes enable us to create differentiated patterns depending on the design intent. 

Large Format for Footpath- Prime Pavers

Prime Paver 400x600

There is a selection of profiles for Prime Pavers. They can be ordered individually, unlike the M Series.

  • 200×200 
  • 200×400 
  • 400×400
  • 400×600
  • 600×600

I Series

Large Format for Footpath- I Series

The I series is the largest format available at 1mx1m. This is manufactured at 80mm thick but is applicable for footpath only due to the size. 

I Series Large Format Pavers

Each piece weighs approximately 80kg. As such, it will require special hoisting machinery for installation as it would be a WSH issue  for manual installation.

Special Profiles

Wood Pavers

Wood Pavers

The wood pavers were created as a response to the demand for GFRC timber. For this application, the Wood Eurotiles would also be a good option as it has more variety in the grains and colours offered. 

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