Granite Pavers, Setts and Cobbles

As much as we love the flexibility and variety of looks that can be generated by interlocking concrete pavers, the beauty of natural stone cannot be denied. As such, we’ve brought on a range of granite pavers, setts and cobbles to complement our range of products. 

The options available are highly varied depending on the type of stone, application, sizes and thickness. For more information, please contact us at with your project details for a discussion!


Granite Pavers

These granite pavers are used to cover pedestrian areas. The finishes are fairly varied from honed to flamed and even tumbled. It can be cut to various sizes and thickness depending on the requirements. 

Granite Paving – Black Beauty Flamed
Granite Paving – Black Beauty Honed
Granite Paving – Jhansi Red Flamed
Granite Paving – Platinum White Flamed







Granite Setts

These granite setts are handcut and is available in 100×100 in varying thickness. The finishing exhibited below is the natural finish. 

Granite Sett – Manga Red
Granite Sett – Grey
Granite Sett- Black







Sandstone Setts

The Indian Sandstone Setts are increasingly popular due to its strong and versatile characteristics. It is tough enough for any paving application but is easier to cut and work than granite, making it a more cost effective solution for natural stone paving. 

Sandstone Setts – Sunset Red
Sandstone Setts – Camel
Sandstone Setts – Mint







Natural Stone Paving

In addition to the above options, the natural stones can be cut into pavers for faster installations. A snap shot of the available colours are listed below. 

Natural Stone – Camel
Natural Stone – Grey
Natural Stone – Mint
Natural Stone – Tuscan
Natural Stone – Raj