Interlocking Paver for School Project at Bukit Timah

We’re highlighting a recent school project where we provided rectification work for the interlocking paver due to the addition of a new building. During the construction process of the new building, the heavy vehicles damaged the existing interlocking blocks and required a new installation of the interlocking pavers.

The products used are Unipave 80mm, which is the most common interlocking paving shape found in Singapore. This is due to its ridges which provide the strongest interlocking properties. It is installed in a herringbone pattern to provide some visual interest in the design with grey and black outlines.

Typically, the pavers used for driveways are 80mm thick in order to withstand the load from the vehicular traffic. However, once installed, heavy vehicles such as skid loaders, boom lifts etc, should not enter the driveway. The 80mm interlocking paver is not made to withstand such heavy loads which will result in cracks and sunken areas. These heavy vehicles are also prone to oil spills, creating irreversible stains.

For carpark lots, we typically use the 100mm product to provide better support for the parked vehicle.

The products used in this project is the Unipave 80mm in the standard colours of Red, Grey and Black. The supporting photo highlights the termination pattern for the herringbone installation.