Interlocking Pavers at Sembawang HDB

We’re highlighting a unique HDB project with supply and install of interlocking pavers for the driveway, drop off points and pedestrian footpaths.

At BA Contracts, we provide supply and install for multiple HDB projects. Typically, these are the ones showcased in the main image, using Unipave 80mm in the standard colours of red, grey and black, . For larger projects, we provide design services to the client as well.

As the specialists in this segment, we are familiar with the typical HDB installation details such as the termination patterns at the kerb and manhole as well as carpark lot designs.


Details such as the linkway hump can be constructed using interlocking pavers as well. Usually, this requires the use of yellow interlocking pavers to provide the necessary contrasts. Based on the shop drawing, we will do the necessary works to create the linkway hump to match the overhead shelter. This can be constructed straight across or can be at an angle, depending on the direction of the overhead shelter.


For this HDB project, we also provided the pavers for the sheltered walkways and external footpaths as per the consultant’s design specifications.

A mixture of grey and black square pavers was used for the foot paths and sheltered walkways. This provided a clean and coherent look, while differentiating the design from the vehicular driveways.

For walkways, 60mm thickness is sufficient to withstand the human traffic. As such the range of products available is wider, allowing consultants to create a unique feel for each project. For example, in the open area, we used the boomerang profile to create more texture in the design.

interlocking-paver-for-pedestrian-path square-paver-for-footpathboomerang-paver-for-footpathsquare-paver-for-sheltered-walkway