Quadpave Install with Zebra (Pedestrian) Crossing

In this installation, we are highlighting how the pavers are used to create a zebra (pedestrian) crossing by changing the laying pattern. Generally for driveway installations, the herringbone format provides the best interlocking properties, especially at turning points. 

Quadpave Herringbone and Basketweave

This installation consists of Quadpave 200×100 in 80mm thick for vehicular purposes. For most of the installation, the pattern is a grey base with random black accents in herringbone format. At the pedestrian crossings, the pattern transits into a basketweave pattern. 

Zebra Pedestrian Crossing

When using the coloured interlocking pavers to demarcate the pedestrian crossings, there is little to no maintenance required. This is in comparison to the typical thermoplastic painted crossings which typically needs to be touched up after three to five years. However, the visual contrast is not as strong as the typical painted crossings. This can be addressed by using the R-Series pavers which has an additional reflective quality for increased visibility. 

R Series

The installation also includes a change in the base colour and accent colour nearer to the dropoff areas. This provides a visual signal to change your driving patterns – to slow down and perhaps stay further from the curbs to provide a wider berth for pedestrians. 

This particular project is the result of the cumulative effort from the both the design team and installation teams as the amount of detail was unlike our typical project and it required significant coordination as the building was in operation. Nonetheless, the end product managed to balance both design and technical considerations. 

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