Clay Pavers

Clay Paving in Urban Environments

Clay pavers have been in use for much longer than concrete pavers. However its use has been greatly diminished over the years for the following reasons. 

  1. Cost – To produce high quality clay paving, the kiln needs to be heated up and maintained at a high temperature, resulting in high energy and production costs. 
  2. Lead time – The time required to dry the clay pavers is much longer than concrete. 
  3. Inconsistency in size – The baking process results in a greater degree of tolerance in the size of each paver. Thus it requires a longer time to lay to ensure that end product looks great, resulting in higher labour costs. 
  4. Water absorption – The clay paver tends to absorb water, resulting in a slight bloat that may affect the overall installation. This is especially apparent in high humidity climates such as Singapore. 

Regardless, clay paving provides a unique look that cannot be replicated by comparative materials.

For light applications it is suitable for

  • footpaths and driveways
  • pedestrian malls
  • jogging and buggy tracks
  • residential walkways
  • pool decks
  • bicycle paths
  • general landscaping

The heavy duty applications include Fire Engine Access and industrial driveways. 

Aesthetics of Clay Pavers 

The common colours for clay paving are Red, Cream, and Golden Peach. There are other colours available for selection upon request. 

Clay Paver singapore

The two most common dimensions are 200×100 or 230×115. Depending on the application, the thickness can vary from 35 to 50mm to 60mm thick. 

It is critical to note that if there is no available stock for clay paving. The lead time can be up to 6-8 weeks. 

Wirecut Pavers

Clay Paver Wirecut 02 Clay Paver Wirecut 15 Clay Paver Wirecut 016 Clay Paver Wirecut 40 Clay Paver Wirecut 43 Clay Paver Wirecut 49 Clay Paver Wirecut 54 Clay Paver Wirecut 67







Sandblasted Pavers

Sandblasted Clay Paver 02 Sandblasted Clay Paver 15 Sandblasted Clay Paver 16 Sandblasted Clay Paver 40 Sandblasted Clay Paver 43 Sandblasted Clay Paver 49 Sandblasted Clay Paver 54 Sandblasted Clay Paver 67






Cobble Pavers 

Cobble 02 Cobble 15 Cobble 16 Cobble 40 Cobble 43 Cobble 49 Cobble 54 Cobble 67