Pavement of a School Garden

Showcasing our latest project for a clean S shaped interlocking concrete paver footpath installation at a school garden.

Original Space
Original Space

The original space was a grassed area meant for planting. However, it was also used as a shortcut to the other gate, resulting in overall patchiness in the grass as well as safety concerns with the concrete planters that were scattered around the space. As such, the school decided to revamp the space to provide a safe pathway for the students with an S shaped footpath. The S shape was implemented to retain the frangipani tree and shrubbery at the entrance.

Layout concept of S shape paver.
Layout concept of S shape paver.

We are using the smallest paving flags, QP60, 198×98 in a herringbone pattern in black to keep in line with the overall classic look of the space.

We’ve also selected 60mm thickness to use for garden pedestrian footpath because for smaller width areas such as footpaths or buggy paths, the smaller interlocking concrete paver formats are more suitable.

Below are the product information

Model: QuadPave

Dimensions: 198 X 98mm

Thickness: 60mm

Colours: Grey, Red, Black

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