Concrete Pavers for Buggy Track and Footpaths

In this post, we are highlighting the use of interlocking pavers for buggy tracks. 

For most installations in Singapore, we work mainly on the vehicular driveway and carpark lots. However, there are also endless applications for interlocking pavers for footpaths and buggy paths as well. 

Design Intent

The installation below highlights two different design intents within the same development. 

The multicoloured areas indicated to the drivers to slow down or to park their buggies within the area as it was nearer to the green. 

The grey and black installation was inspired by the shadows cast by the trees that resulted in the zig zag pattern on the grey base. 

Interlocking Pavers Buggy Path Interlocking Pavers Buggy Path








Technical Considerations 

The Unipave 60mm was chosen due to its classic shape that provides the strongest possible interlocking properties. 

To minimise costs, a hard core sub base was specified. This was compacted multiple times to ensure an even surface for the interlocking pavers installation. 

The slopes for this particular golf course were not too steep. As such, the interlocking paver was chosen to match the undulating surfaces of the course while minimizing maintenance costs. Many golf courses use concrete cast in situ or rubber for their buggy tracks. This has high maintenance costs due to the difficulty in fixing the inevitable cracks. If there is any damage to the interlocking pavers, the groundskeeper is able to easily fix it without the need for specialized equipment or materials. 

To keep with the design intent, cobblepave or quadpave can be used for the edge restraints, coupled with concrete haunching to secure the installation. This is due to the lower traffic requirements for this installation. 


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