Replacement of clay pavers for driveway and carpark lot

For this project, we were tasked to repair the base of the existing clay paver installation and replace the clay pavers with concrete interlocking pavers. Unipave 80mm in Red was used, installed in a basketweave pattern. 

The original installation was clay paving as indicated by the photo below where the original pavers were retained at the carparking area. The driveway installation had become loose and had many pieces that were popping out, creating a trip hazard for pedestrians and affecting the driving comfort of the vehicles. 

Concrete pavers at Driveway with old clay pavers at carpark lot

Concrete pavers in general are more stable, as it has anti mould properties and is less susceptible to water absorption. However, the colours tend to be brighter, especially after the initial installation due to the colour pigments used. 

Replacement of clay pavers for driveway and carpark lots with concrete interlocking pavers.

There was a portion of the carpark lots that were loose. Hence, those were converted to concrete pavers as well. 

The above photo shows a closeup of the seamless transition between the two materials. 

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