Quadpave Installation at Chalet

In this post, we are highlighting a unique installation using Quadpave 198×98 in 80mm and 100mm thick interlocking concrete pavers in grey and black. Interlocking pavers were used in few different applications in this development.

First, the featured image showcases a dropoff point where we integrated the quadpave pattern with the aerated grass pavers. Due to the integration with the carpark lots and use of the space as a potential fire engine accessway, the thickness of the pavers used were 100mm. Typically for driveways, the 80mm thick product is sufficient.

Second, interlocking pavers were used at an external plaza area with a similar design intent. The thickness used here is 80mm. However, if it is solely for pedestrian use, the 60mm thick product can also be used.

Third, interlocking pavers were used at the carpark area for the carpark and motorcycle lots. With pavers, the outlines of the lot can be differetiated through the use of a different colour. These colours are integrated into the product and do not require regular touch ups, resulting in a lower maintenance cost. However, it will not have the high reflectivity of thermoplastic paint.

Another option would be to use the R-series which has additional reflectivity to mimic the use of thermoplasic paint.