Rectangle Interlocking Pavers at Community Centre Driveway

Community Centre Interlocking Pavers Driveway

In this post, we are showcasing a simple installation pattern used at a community centre driveway project in black and grey and the Quadpave profile.

The installation pattern is relatively simple, resulting in a quick turnaround time.

The base colour for the installation is black, which is our current recommended base colour. The colour is more resistant to stains and is more consistent. The “grey” colour for interlocking pavers actually refers to a plain concrete colour. As such, different batches of concrete will result in tonality issues that can be quite obvious. Hence, Black (as an actual pigment) provides greater consistency.

For Singapore projects, we are unable to deliver materials from the same batch due to the lack of storage at site. As such, the differences in tonality is even more apparent for the grey colour.


Quadpave 198x98x80mm

Black, Grey