Hexagon Paving Installation at HDB Neighbourhood Centre

In this post, we are highlighting a unique job using the hexagonal Trafika shape in a multitude of different colours to provide indicators to shape the human traffic.

The project was part of the Neighbourhood Renewal Program for a HDB Neighbourhood Centre. It was definitely a challenging installation as it was done on a slope on a very tight schedule. Further, we had to be mindful of the disruption due to the high human traffic in the area.

Hexagon Interlocking Pavers Installation at HDB

Large Format Pavers Installation


The design was pretty unique as it consisted of various lines of red, black and grey. Due to the large format of the interlocking pavers, we faced difficulties when cutting around the lamp posts and termination points.

However, as we are the only interlocking paving specialists with our own team of installers, we did not have any issues dealing with the rectification works as we were able to deploy our own in-house experts to identify issues and resolve them quickly.

Typically, we are committed to a site visit within 24 hours of any highlighted issues at site. This consists of a member of the executive team visiting the site to identify the source of the issue and taking photographs to accurately capture the current conditions. If it is within our scope, we will send a team down to fix it within the week.

The Hexagon Trafika information can be found in our brochure. Our full range of brochures can be found here:

We are starting to see an uptick in requests for this unique shape due to the differentiated look and feel. However, professionals looking to specify this product need to consider the termination, design around the gratings, and design around kerbs.

Product Information

Product Name: Trafika

Dimensions: 225x197mm

Thickness: 80mm/100mm

Weight: 5.8kg per pc/7.25kg per pc