Quadpave Rectangle Installation at Condominium

This particular project was interesting as it utilised the flexible shape of the Quadpave 200x100mm and colour to create texture and signals.

First, by using a coloured base for the driveway, we avoided or at least minimalized tonality issues. The pigmented colours tend to have less color tone difference as compared to the “grey” or “natural” colour. The different compositions within the concrete for each batch create varying shades of grey which results in odd patches when installed. This is similar to the use of natural stones such as marble or granite. In such instances, experienced installers will manage each batch of goods to make sure that there is sufficient mix within each m2 of installation. As such, by using a dark or coloured base, we minimise such issues.

Second, the installation pattern is in a horizontal ashlar. This is atypical as the interlocking property of the paver is not utilised at all. Recent studies have highlighted that the compressive strength of the installation is not affected by level of “interlockness” so the strength of the installation is not compromised.  However, there is a possibility of shifting so it is recommended to have lining kerbs where possible. Typical Quadpave Rectangle installations are in herringbone to provide some “interlockness”.

Third, the architect used accent colours as signals for drivers and pedestrians. (This is similar to another project that is coming up!) This is a function of the installation pattern as well. The lines look cleaner due to the uniformity of the installation.

Do note that our usual herringbone is able to create the same colour accents as well but the effect will look different. You can refer to our linkway hump here.

Product: Quadpave (also commonly referred to as Flexipave)

Thickness: 80mm or 100mm is applicable

Dimension: 198x98mm (49.5pc per m2)

*The photos were taken after a downpour*