Custom Interlocking Driveway Pattern at Sembawang Condominium

In this case study, we are highlighting a unique design using a mix of profiles and colours for a condominium project.  The design brief was to create a textured driveway with a large border to outline the pedestrian footpath with neutral colours.

With this in mind, we eliminated all the loud colours and focused on the greys, black, and brown. For profiles, we went with squares and rectangles to provide a clean look and for easy termination at the edges.

The image above shows our design proposal.

For the main driveway, we used a single colour (black) to outline the area for the cars while mixing profiles to provide texture. The pedestrian area is marked by using Quadpave rectangle interlocking pavers in grey. It is further differentiated using a brown accent colour at the pedestrian areas.

For the grey outline, it is important to note that it must be installed perpendicularly to the directionality of the driveway. This allows for the turning radius at the bends.

The final product upon installation is shown below.

Prime Pave and Quadpave Driveway and Footpath

Sembawang Condo Installation


Prime Paver 200x200x80mm

Quadpave 198x98x80mm

Colours: Black, Grey, Dark Tan

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