Permeable Pavers at Hort Park

permeable pavers at park

In this post, we are highlighting the latest in our product range, permeable pavers.

For normal pavers, water runs on top of the paver, similar to a bitumen or tile installation. For permeable paving, the pavers are porous such that the water can flow directly into the sub base. Typically, there is a water retention tank or subsoil pipes to redirect the water into the drains. The pavers thus act as a second holding area for the water to prevent water ponding and secondary storage during the rainy season.

The link to the relevant brochure is here. It showcases the different types of permeable paving systems to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.

We also have a fun video that highlights the effectiveness of the product compared to the typical paving installation.

Alternatively, a good resource for the latest news in permeable paving is via Interpave, the precast concrete paving and kerb association in the UK.

Permeable Pavers at Hort Park Dropoff Point 3


The installation for this project would have been fairly challenging for the following factors:

  • Uneven terrain
  • Weight of product (approximately 33kg per piece!)
  • Large size of product that requires special tools for cutting
  • The winding footpaths require constant adjustment to ensure that the installation remains straight.

The permeable pavers were chosen for this project to act as a secondary water storage for the several large storm drains directly outside the job site.

The design intent for this particular project was to use the large format pavers, which is only manufactured in 60mm thickness. Further, there is sufficient vehicular access as the driveways are right next to the footpaths so there is little to no possibility of vehicular access.

For most footpath installations, 60mm thickness is sufficient, especially if it is 99% unlikely to have vehicular traffic. For plazas and key hubs where there is a >10% chance of vehicular traffic (e.g. food trucks, dentist vans, popup shops), our recommendation is to use the 80mm thickness.

Typically, we use the small format permeable pavers in either Quadpave 100x200mm or Unipave 223x115mm for installations in Singapore. This ensures a much faster installation process as the individual pieces are much lighter (4-5kg). The installation is also more secure as the joints are not too large.  There is also opportunity for design flexibility either with use of different colours or with a cohesive design that flows through to the carparks and driveways as these sizes are available in 80mm and 100mm thickness.

Product Information
Product Name: Neupave
Product Shape: Prime Paver 60mm
Product Dimensions: 400x600mm
Product Weight: approximately 33kg per peice
Colours: Grey only