Interlocking Pavers Driveway at Canberra Condominium

This is a throwback post as we look at how one of our condominium projects have held up since the installation two years ago.

Due to the nature of the product, there will be slight differences in the tonality of the installation. However, the colour tends to “season” after a while. This means that it will start to take on the rumbled more natural look with time. This is an example of one of those installations.


Most private developments would shy away from the choice of red to avoid the “HDB look”. However, this shows how the red and black pattern can be used to match the swirls on the basketball court.


The black and red installation would have appeared very bright initially, with strong contrast between the two colours on the opposite ends of the spectrum. However, with time, it has developed a more rustic charm. This is also due to the design which has approximately 70% black with 30% red. The slight majority of the black ensures that the red does not overwhelm the overall look. This is key for condominium projects.

The profile used is the typical Unipave shape. This providesthe strongest interlocking properties of the profiles due to its zig zag edges. It has held up well over time, especially since this condominium had a number of ramps from the entrance to the multi-storey carpark.