Neupave Permeable Paving Video

This is a great illustration of the benefits of permeable paving for Neupave!

Permeable Paving is a great product for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). It addresses quantity by reducing and controlling the amount of runoff as well as quality by removing pollutants.

The video showcases the difference in the rate of runoff for the different types of pavers.

NeuPave vs Standard Paving – BA Contracts from Valerie on Vimeo.

This technology has been in use in the UK and Europe for the past decade and has enjoyed tremendous success in township developments and various educational institutes. It manages surface water close to where rainfall hits the ground, which is known as source control and is fundamental to SUDS philosophy. It helps to replicate green-field run-off characteristics from development sites as well as requiring no additional land take, which is particularly relevant for high density developments. Specifically, it can handle runoff from roof drainage and adjacent impermeable surfaces as well as rain falling on the permeable surface itself.

It minimizes potential water ponding issues regardless of the sub base used. Further, the different finishes allows for greater design flexibility in creating a built environment that looks natural.

Based on the CIRIA C609, 2004, the percentage removal of pollutants for permeable paving are:

  • total suspended solids: 60-95%
  • hydrocarbons: 70-90%
  • phosphorus: 50-80%
  • nitrogen: 65-80%
  • heavy metals: 60-95%

Further, based on the CIRIA C697, 2007, the water quality treatment potential

  • removal of total suspended solids: high
  • removal of heavy metals: high
  • removal of nutrients: high
  • removal of bacteria: high
  • treatment of suspended sediments & dissolved pollutants: high

As with most other interlocking paving installations, the maintenance requirements are very low. For permeable paving, there is minimal maintenance required. Experts project that there will be none for at least 5 years. Even if there is localised clogging, it is obvious and easily resolved by power washing.

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