Square Pavers Installation at Newton Condominium

To maintain the benefits of interlocking pavers (quick installation and minimal maintenance) but with a different look and feel to differentiate from the usual design, square pavers were used for this condominium installation. A mix of greys and blacks were used in an unusual block pattern that provided cues for directionality without being too obvious about it. Typically, for such projects, the neutral colours are more popular to imitate the cobblestone/granite visual.

The hump was also built using interlocking pavers, albeit in a different shape, using alternating yellow and black pavers for greater visibility and awareness for pedestrians and drivers.

The pictures below show the use of the perforated aeration slabs for the car park lots with cow grass planted to  fulfill the necessary drainage requirements. Each lot is outlined with black pavers for a more natural look and feel instead of using paint.

Square Pavers Newton 1

Square Pavers 3

Square Pavers 4

Carpark with square pavers

Products used
Driveway: Prime Pavers 200x200x80mm (Grey, Black)
Hump: Unipave 223x111x80mm (Yellow, Black)
Carpark: Super Uni Grasspave 453x453x100mm (Grey) ; Super Uni Starter 225x111x100mm (Black)