Square Pavers at Hillview Condominium

We’re highlighting another installation of the Prime Pavers – square shaped interlocking pavers for another condominium installation in Singapore.

The designers chose the square interlocking pavers for the driveway and external visitors’ carpark to match the small square tiles used at the entrance of the condominium.

A combination of paint and different coloured pavers were used to mark the car park lots. To ensure a higher interlocking function for the carpark lots, the typical unipave with the zig zag edge was used, matching the grass paver that provides aeration for better drainage. This is often used to comply with the government requirements of at least 30% aeration and passes the water absorption test, transverse strength test and compressive strength test.

Square Interlocking Pavers at Carpark in Singapore

Products used

Prime Pavers for the driveway: 200x200x80mm

Super Uni Grasspave: 453x453x100mm

Super Unipave: 225x111x100mm


We were able to install interlocking pavers of different heights in the same area. This application varies depending on the site condition. Our team of specialized installers will be able to evaluate and assess the suitability. This enables designers to choose from a wider range of shapes for the driveway. In addition, there are opportunities for cost management as the 80mm products will typically be slightly cheaper than the 100mm products.

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